Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Confessions of a ditch diver

Yesterday was so lovely....a day spent with one of my favorite people...Christel! We got together at 10:30am and drove around with our cameras...just chatting, not having a specific itinerary or mapped out course! Despite the disappointment of Pine Ridge Hollow being closed when we arrived with our hungry mouths salivating for their homemade wild mushroom perogies and then the minor catastophe of ending up in a ditch on some gravel road out in the country...I wouldn't change a thing! Afterall, we did giggle all the way home about our young hero "Jason" smirking and saying:

" girls didn't even try to veer away from the just drove straight in!"

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  1. wow i can't believe you found yourself at that old school house. my dad went to school there and i've heard many stories about the place from those years.
    as a kid i spent hours playing games in there and just rummaging around. so weird that no one has ever knocked it down. its on property that my uncle still farms.
    almost like everyone in town and the area around it just slowly watch it compost itself.

    thanks for the memories.