Tuesday, March 9, 2010


There are days when I am simply going through the motions, days when I want to find my way but perhaps am not looking in the right places. Photos help me to locate that "something" I am looking for. I went out for a drive not too long ago feeling somewhat desperate and lost. There was hoar frost on the trees, beauty all round me, and I wasn't able to see it. I was speeding down gravel roads, singing and crying and texting my best friend about how I was feeling. She was in fact doing the same thing two provinces away! It was as though we were together again despite the distance between us. I was beating myself up for not feeling more inspired and capturing nature's majesty with my camera! As a fellow photographer she was very familiar with those thoughts. She gave me some wonderful advice (as she always does)....she told me to "just be there, feel it, love what you are witnessing". And so I did....Thank You Denise!

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