Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Reflections

Sometimes I let my thoughts wander
through the hallways of my mind
and open each and every door
so that all my most precious memories
can come out and mingle in the corridor
and celebrate with one another

I found these gorgeous photos of gypsy caravans in one of my favorite blogs
I was immediately reminded of a poem I wrote long ago (before my husband and I moved in together)

I searched through many of my journals and finally found it...

my gypsy wagon
with its peeling paint
and flowing curtains
will forever be parked in our suburban back yard
where I can visit it
whenever the need arises

I was so afraid that I would have to abandon all of my dreams of living a full and creative life in order to, you know, be a grown up, pay bills, move up in the world! But with the support and encouragement of my close friends and family, I am living a charmed life doing what I love!!!


  1. Love love love these caravans! We should go yurt camping with our boys this summer. I know there are some out by minaki...

    I too have been getting lost in memories, relishing what I could not enjoy in the moment through the foggy lens of passed years and realizing what an amazing life I've had.

  2. I remember a very long conversation we once had, while you were 'with child', and we spoke of these you remember??
    You promised yourself that you'd keep doing what you love, continue to cultivate your creativity, and think outside of the 'box'. All of this,while holding the hand of your little one, and lovingly guiding him through this world...
    I'd say you're right on track Honey!
    But who WOULDN'T want one of these in their backyard!!!
    I do, I do!!!

  3. Such a great BLOG. Thank you for not only exploring your creativity daily, but thank you for SHARING it. Love it!