Monday, November 23, 2009

Behind the scenes...

So now that I have let you all ponder my magical day in Normandy for a week...I was thinking of letting you in on a couple of secrets. We all know that the path to enlightenment is awash with many challenges from petty to considerable, and that unless you are perhaps Buddha or the Dalai Lama, these challenges do not always bring out the best in us. So after our 5 km seaside hike, we were running somewhat short of daylight for the D-Day beaches. Dan and I decided that instead of a sit down restaurant we would get something "quick". What does "quick" usually translate into....yes that is correct...we went through the "McDrive" at the "McCafe"! Somehow the French manage to make fast food sound elegant. So I order a lovely Filet royale, which is a filet-o-fish with lettuce and tomato...and I am certain that the lovely tidbit was caught fresh that morning!!! Dan, being the "McConnoisseur", wastes ten minutes at the drive through window, while the line up behind us grows, trying to describe his special order to the unsuspecting and extremely FRENCH "McDrive" window attendant. My persistant glares encourage him gently to order something that is actually on the menu. After our romantic car dinner in le parking lot we set off for the beaches. Little did we know that the seaside town of Cherbourg held an annual marathon every November 11th, and so, all major thoroughfares were barricaded off! After circling for the better part of thirty minutes, during most of which Dan cursed loudly in French and pounded the steering wheel, and I of course insisted on commenting how nice even the back streets are...we back tracked our way out and rerouted:)

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