Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nag Champa, Loose tea leaves and an Orange Tree

Our Parisian apartment could not be more perfect! While hiking up the six floors with ALL our luggage in tow we were met by our devastatingly handsome host Anthony. His gentle blue eyes, softspoken manner, and the vague smell of incense that wafted around his slight build instantly reassured me that we were indeed home. The door was painted a vibrant red. We entered and I caught my breath! Worn and creaky wood floors, candles burning, dried flowers, richly colored walls, velvet tapestry and furniture, shelves lined with books, antique furniture all faded brilliantly with age. The kitchen is modestly equipped. Its cupboards full of mismatched china, vintage tea boxes filled with loose tea leaves of every variety, old glass canisters with all sorts of spices! Anthony offers us water in wine goblets which we graciously accept. He offers to let us settle in and then will meet us back here in about an hour. With our jet lag briefly forgotten we head out to the lively streets below. All within a block of our apartment we find a vegetable market, butcher, bakeries galore, a flower shop, cafes, wine and cheese stores. We bravely decide that tonight we will stay in and cook our own dinner. The merchants are friendly and we come home with our arms full of goodies! Anthony is pleased with our purchases. Apparently we bought an organic wine from his favorite store. He wishes us well and we make arrangements to meet on our last day, then he is gone! I feel giddy while putting away our groceries and arranging three lovely bouquets of fresh colorful flowers. The radio is playing old French songs. Every time I look around the apartment there is another treasure to discover. Wooden trunks and old suitcases, baskets with extra linens, a red umbrella, faded photographs and postcards. I decide to have a languid soak in the bath. There is no shower in the apartment. I don't mind one bit! Anthony has a radio in the bathroom, French milled natural soaps, candles, a large armoire, and under the Juliette window sits an orange tree. I feel as though I am in a movie! Before dinner Dan and I succumb to fatigue and nap for a couple of hours. We wake up hungry and start dinner preparations. Wine, steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and fried mushrooms!!! Everything is delicious! We curl up and watch a movie, do some planning and reading, then go to sleep! The only unfortunate thing is that my husband did not leave his snoring habit back in Canada! So here I am sitting on my tufted grey velvet couch at 4am writing...


  1. wow... I am so happy for you both. that sounds (and looks) amazing!! I can't wait to see more photos and hear about all your adventures! I miss you already. xoxo

  2. Love that you are blogging your trip!!!
    So so exciting...enjoy!

  3. lovely lovely lovely

    how in the world did you find such a treasure?