Saturday, November 14, 2009

I am deeply enamored by the rural landscape here in France. The lush rolling hills and quaint little towns have made the adjustment from Paris much simpler then I imagined. Despite having my heart in my throat for the first leg of our journey due to the HIGH speeds on the highways, Dan has proved himself to be a very capable driver in France. Our first stop was at a B&B near St. Mere de L'Eglise. Manoir Juganville.....ahhhh! I already long to return! The winding country roads leading up to it, the warm welcome we received from Jean and Chantale upon our arrival, the roaring fire whose warm glow heated the house at all times, the jazz that played throughout breakfast, the friendly cats that would sit on your lap purring for as long as you would allow, the gardens...two nights just wasn't enough!

Here is the website for Le Manoir Juganville...we had the tower room...

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  1. sounds like a movie...relaxing and warm....ahhhh
    Enjoy every second!