Sunday, November 8, 2009

Paris Tidbits and a Versailles Marathon!!!

1. Soup spoons in Paris are the size of a small shovel! It makes it impossible to do anything but
S-L-U-R-P loudly with each mouthful!

2. Paris toilet paper is PINK! and has hearts on it! Makes me smile every time I have to use the facilities!

3. Bathrooms here are frequently unisex...even for a modern gal like myself, this takes some getting used to!

4. People love to smoke here. Often servers will wait on you with a cigarette hanging out of their mouths...okay I might be exaggerating...they set it down in the ashtray on the empty table next to yours!

5. Motorized bikes are free to drive on either the road and/or the sidewalk, so be prepared to leap out of the way at a moments notice.

6. Most old French apartment doors have no knobs. There is simply the deadbolt! So, if someone surprisingly knocks at your door while you are naked and your husband has shaving cream all over his face, by the time he finds the key to answer, your guest most likely has left...hypothetically of course!

7. Some of the prostitutes here might have grandchildren, or possibly even GREAT-grandchildren!

8. Sweet old people who feed pidgeons WILL yell obscenities at you if you try to innocently take their picture! AND if you get too close they may even lash out violently!

9. Snoring in French will still keep you up at night

10. Even King Louis XIV has weeds in his lawn

Dan and I spent the day at Versailles Palace today! Wow!!! Seriously...quite the pad! As a matter of fact Dan and I walked FOREVER and didn't even see the half of it! We even had to hop a fence in order to escape the maze of pathways!!! I had two favorite parts of the day was feeding the swans, ducks, and seagulls on the canal! The other was when Dan fell flat on his face while trying to pose for a picture...I almost peed my pants laughing!!! We never did find the Palace of Love...but had fun looking!!!

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  1. Julie, I LOVE this play-by-play we're all getting! Thank you Honey! Your shots are just breathtaking, and they make me feel like I'm there.
    The apartment looks so cozy, I'd have a hard time leaving it...
    I am so glad that you two are having such a wonderful time, you guys are TOO adorable, or as the french would say...adorable, oh, well, that didn't really work out...xoxoxo Lots of love!!!
    P.S. I get to go explore a new abandoned homestead with Eli today!!
    LOve, Nise