Friday, November 6, 2009

La Belle Journee!

The soundtrack to Amelie is still playing over and over in my mind. The playful piano...the solemn melodic notes. Today we walked up to Le Sacre Coeur. delicate heart fluttered! As we stepped onto the terrace with the carrousel, the music began to play...and I recognized the scene instantly! Amelie is my favorite movie...and today I lived it! Everywhere we went reminded me of that delightful show! We had coffee and dessert at Cafe Deux Moulins where Amelie was a waitress, I even sumptuously sunk my hand into a bin of grain at the market just like she would have done! Before I leave Paris I am going to get silly photos done in a photo booth at Gare du Nord! Today was not all based on a make-believe movie though. My Grandma came to Paris years ago with my Grandpa and she slipped us a $50 bill before we left and instructed us to experience Le Moulin Rouge! The two of them took in dinner and a show and truly loved it! So with the best of intentions we set off! Once we arrived we were shocked at the prices!!! Dinner and a show would cost between $450-$600! So first we struggled for 15 minutes to take a self portrait where both our heads AND the windmill somehow made it into the shot (hand held shots with a big SLR camera are not the easiest). Then we hiked over to the Moulin Rouge giftshop, bought a little windmill/cardholder and a postcard and wrote the following:

"Dear Grandma,
We love you and hate to disappointment you, but for next time, if you really want us to go to Le Moulin Rouge, you will have to give us more money!"

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  1. I love reading about your trip Julie, amazing pictures as usual!