Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy memories with a heavy heart

The second half of our Normandy adventure had a profound effect on us both. We visited the D-Day beaches on Canada's Remembrance Day. It was near sunset when we arrived...the heavy fog obscured the light and our surroundings matched the feeling in the air. Commemorating the sacrifices which were made 65 years ago at this very locale left us stunned into silence. We both took time to unravel our individual thoughts on our own...wandering the shore both apart and together in an attempt to grasp the immeasurable ramifications the war had on so many. My Grandpa was so young when he was sent to fight. The photo of him and my Grandma at their wedding and the portrait of him in his uniform are my very favorite. I often wonder what it was like for him. I have spoken to my Grandma numerous times about what it was like for her...two years of waiting must have been excruciating! Grandpa didnt talk much about his experiences. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross for his performance while on duty.
I have thought much about my grandparents lives while on this trip. They came here together later on in their lives and I've always liked to look at the photos and hear about their experiences. Dan and I left on November 2nd, which was my Grandpa's birthday. He passed away a few years ago and I miss him dearly. His memory and spirit have been very close to me for these last few days. I dug out this poem I wrote for his funeral...

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  1. Funny enough Julie I am watching "Band of Brothers" on dvd. It's a mini series that you should watch when you get home (r u home??). I think it will really add to your experience.
    -Sandy ps, come on over to my blog!! http:www.fireflynotes.blogspot.com