Thursday, November 5, 2009

Only in Paris!

I am certainly not complaining...HOWEVER...I have to say...that there are a lot of extremely beautiful people here. I often find that I am the largest woman within a three mile radius! The women are incredible! Surrounded by breads and pastries, they maintain a sinewy size zero figure AND somehow manage to navigate cobblestone streets in stilettos all the while talking on their cell phones and holding an umbrella! I, on the other hand, wear my sneakers and will gracefully walk into poles or narrowly avoid being hit by cars, bicycles, vespas, and the occasional pidgeon! Another one of my shortcomings is my inability to figure out how to flush a Parisian toilet...which can be rather embarrassing in certain situations. One way that I do fit right in here, surprisingly enough, is that my two favorite beverages, coffee and wine, are cheaper than water and/or pop! And the coffee is to die for!!! Rich espresso served in these tiny little cups! Je LOVE it! I could sit in a sidewalk cafe and people watch in this city for HOURS on end!!! I need to force myself to leave these magnificent establishments! Well actually I don't, because Dan does it for me. Today he dragged me along to The Louvre. I know I will be shunned for saying that he "dragged" me...but its true. I simply went because you can't come to Paris and not go to The Louvre! It is most definately impressive. But there, well, I am pretty sure that we were surrounded by 80% tourists and I prefer to be amongst the locals. Our walk up Champs Elysees was lovely as well, and I confess, I did go into Gap and buy a little something (which Dan thought was absurd). But I longed for the less commercial area that we are staying in. We took in the panoramic views from the top of L'Arc de Triomphe, and then Dan and I finished our second day of sightseeing by being serenaded by an accordion player on the Metro!!! Only in Paris!


  1. the pics are stunning guys look relaxed and happy..a perfect vacation!!!
    If you figure out how they manage to eat bread and stay a size 0, let us all know! Until then, I am off to have a piece of toast!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. le sigh....

    i've always known that sometime in my life I would like to visit france and know i KNOw i need to visit france.

  3. Hi Julie,
    sounds like you are having a marvelous time. Just a wee note to say that I have been to Paris 5 times and have YET to be in the Louvre (oh the shame!) There are so many other marvelous things on the menu of this city. I will get there one day though! I hope you make it to Montmartre!

  4. btw, that "cj" post is me, Carla LaBrosse lol.